Citrus phytochemicals and their potential effects on the prevention and treatment of obesity: review and progress of the past 10 years

  • Shi Feng
  • Yu Wang


Obesity is a chronic life-threatening disease throughout the world. Available anti-obesity drugs may have hazardous side effects and no long-term safety assurance is in place for patients. In recent decades, alternative natural therapeutics have been intensively investigated. Among them, phytochemicals from citrus fruits have shown tremendous potential to combat obesity through different mechanisms. To date, the most active biological constitutes identified in citrus fruits are flavonoids and p-synephrine. These exert anti-obesity effects through multiple mechanisms, including regulating energy intake and expenditure, regulating lipid metabolism and regulating adipogenesis. In this mini review, a survey focusing on citrus phytochemicals and their anti-obesity activities is presented, together with an update of findings over the last 10 years, including active components and mechanisms of anti-obesity activities.


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