Antioxidant activity of faba bean extract and fractions thereof

  • Ryszard Amarowicz
  • Fereidoon Shahidi


Phenolic compounds were extracted into 80% (v/v) acetone. The crude extract so obtained was separated into fraction of low-molecular-weight compounds (Fraction I) and a fraction of condensed tannins (Fraction II) using Sephadex LH-20 column chromatography with ethanol and acetone/water (1:1, v/v) as respective mobile phases. The antioxidants activities of the crude extract and fractions thereof was investigated in an emulsion system and using ABTS, DPPH, and reducing power assays. Fraction II exhibited a higher antioxidant efficacy than those of the crude extract and Fraction I. In the crude extract, 21 compounds, namely phenolic acids (gallic, p-hydroxybenzoic, protocatechuic , p-coumaric, ferulic), flavonoids (catechin, epigallo catechin, kaempferol, apigenin, and luteolin derivatives), gallate procyanidins, vanillin, protocatechuic aldehyde, and tryptophan were identified by HPLCDAD- MS. Gallate procyanidin dimer, gallate procyanidins, and acetylated kaempferol hexose were the major phenolics present in the extract.


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Amarowicz, R., & Shahidi, F. (2018). Antioxidant activity of faba bean extract and fractions thereof. Journal of Food Bioactives, 2(2), 112–118.
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